History and traditions

The importance of the revival of fair trade
in Russia there is no doubt.
First, it will facilitate the return
native traditions, close and comprehensible
wide masses of a unique format that combines
trade and entertainment.
The fairs will again become centers of social life.
There will be regular seasonal
and themed holidays of the city.

In addition, the revival of the fair movement will contribute to
development of tourism. After all, in the old days, when the fairs
were the main arena of cultural events in the country,
people from neighboring villages and cities came to them.
And now, people from all over Russia will travel
in the cities of fairs, visit local
sightseeing and to be imbued with local color,
to refresh the social environment.


Secondly, it will provide support for small and medium
business and local producers, giving them
An affordable and popular channel for marketing products, as well as
will give an additional impetus to the development of folk crafts.
Preservation and support of unique national folk
is the most important state task.

Finally, the revival of fairs will be a big event for the residents
Russian cities, because they will have a wide choice
necessary goods at affordable prices. Here will be presented
not only food, but also clothes, shoes, everything that is required
in the household from household appliances and spoons to cattle.